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EV Charging Port Installations in Leeds

Supplied and Installed from just £149 inc VAT

with the OLEV Funded Grant

Whether you need a charging point installed privately at your house, or at your business location, we can give you a hand. Choose 24/7 Electrical in the knowledge that we are a fully qualified business with NICEIC approval and we currently cover all of Leeds and many surrounding areas.

We stock and install a variety of different charging solutions, designed and manufactured by Rolec. From the inexpensive EV Ready WallPod to the well refined and feature-rich EV Control Centre, we are more than happy to cater to any budget and location. Your unit can be installed a maximum of 10 metres away from a power supply, providing your home complies with current IE regulations and you have a suitable electric capacity.

Here at 24/7 Electrical, we want to make charging your electric vehicle as simple and as fast as possible. Get in touch with us today to discuss possible solutions for your home/business or to book an appointment with a member of our team.

For more information on EV Charging Points, Chris on 01132 189426 or Ben on 07798 702524. You can also email us using our Contact Form

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Universal Socket Units

A universal socket unit can charge any electric vehicle, providing the correct cable is installed. This charging cable is usually kept locked in the boot of your vehicle, allowing it to be locked away from potential thieves.

Available from only £149 including VAT

(The price is only applicable with the OLEV homecharge scheme)

Tethered Units

The plug in and go option – No need to unlock the boot and attach a cable every time you wish to charge your car. The unit will come with a charging cable that specifically fits your car, simply plug in to begin the charging process, and remember to detach before you begin to drive.

Available from only £199 including VAT

(The price is only applicable with the OLEV homecharge scheme)

Our ROLEC Charging Units
WallPod 32A - Type 1 - Tethered Lead
WallPod 16A - Type 2 - Tethered Lead
WallPod 16A - Type 2 - Socket
WallPod 16A - Type 1 - Tethered Lead
WallPod 16A - Type 2 - Tethered Lead
WallPod 16A - Type 2 - Socket

Frequently Asked Questions About EV Charging Points

What are the benefits of having your own home charge station?

  • Avoid the stress of locating a charging station for your electric vehicle – Just plug it in when you arrive home.
  • After the initial payment, you will find yourself saving on the running cost of your car. Depending on your car model and electricity provider, you could be paying as little as £3 to fully charge your car. This will work out much cheaper than using a public charge station (Which tends to cost an average of £1.50 per hour).
  • Home EV charging points are much faster than using the mains or a public charging station.
  • Installation of an EV charging point can add real value to your property, with electric vehicles becoming more popular over time.

What’s the difference between a tethered lead and a charging socket?

A tethered charging station has an inbuilt charging cable with a connector that only your current vehicle type can use. Alternatively, a socket unit features a universal port that a charging cable is then attached to.

Why don’t I just use the 13A plug that came with my car?

There are many reasons that 13A plugs are not recommended by electric car manufacturers. Due to such a large current continuously being drawn, these plugs can strain the electric wiring in your home and even pose a fire hazard.

How long will the installation process take?

The actual installation of your charging station will usually take less than 3 hours to complete (Depending on how complex the installation is). Our team works around the clock, so we can always find a convenient time to visit and begin your installation.

How much will charging my car cost me?

After the initial purchase and setup of a home charging point, people pay an average of £2-£3 per 100 miles. The exact cost will be dependent on your make of car and electricity provider.

OLEV Grants and How to Apply

An OLEV grant can help to cover the cost of your EV charging point.

OLEV Grants are available for all domestic charging solutions. The grant awards up to 75% of the total cost (Including the installation fee), up to a maximum value of £500.

This source of funding means it is the perfect time to invest in a home charging unit, with prices starting at £149 when the grant is applied.

To see if you are eligible for an OLEV grant, you will need to apply using the following form located on their website. If you are accepted, the money will be sent straight to us and will be discounted from your cost of installation – it’s as simple as that!

Application Form for your OLEV Grant

Your Details

Your Vehicle Details

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Photo Uploads

Below are a number of request for photos which will assist us in providing a more accurate quote for the installation of your Vehicle Car Charger.

Please provide images of the following:

A picture of where the vehicle will be parked when charging

A picture of your ideal location for the wall mounted charging point

A picture of your electric meter and incoming supply

Pictures showing your preferred cable routes from the consumer / fuseboard to the charging location

Please select the type of charger required (if known)

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